Process Post 9: Audience and Analytics

We had Monique Sherrett from Boxcar Media TBC to share with us last lecture. She talked about the SMART objective and after the lecture, I thought more thoroughly about it.

  • Specific: specific target to hit
  • Measurable: a metric that can be tracked
  • Actionable and achievable: it’s possible to improve based on this action
  • Relevant and realistic: based on the benchmark or history of performance, this is a reasonable goal, and it’s relevant to the problem or goal
  • Time-based: the timeframe is clearly stated.

Since I created this website in January, I have decided to set a goal to achieve in June as a mid-year review, and I will also have several months to work on my goal.

Goal: 20 weekly users and spend more than 30s in each session.

I installed google analytics and realised that I forgot to activate it just several weeks ago, so it cannot clearly reflect the online behaviours of my website since I created it in January. Currently, the bounce rate of my website is 65.52% and the session duration is 00:02:17. I started reflecting on my content and see how I can attract my viewers to stay longer and engage in my content. The main problem could be because my website is photography-based. I will try to include more words for captions and descriptions for the photos, so people will spend a few more extra seconds scanning through the texts. I hope this will make my content become more engaging.

Long-term goal: Collaborate with a brand or company

It may sound a bit unrealistic as I am still an amateur blogger. As my website continues to grow and become more mature, I hope someone will actually contact me for collaboration because they like my photography style, preferably travel-related brands or tourism boards. I hope I will achieve this goal as I continue to blog when I return to Hong Kong.

Thank you for your support along the way and hope you’ll keep supporting me in the future! Lemme know about what you think about my blog!

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