More confident about my online self?

After receiving positive feedback from the two peer reviews, I become more confident about developing my website. There were times when I become very self-conscious and clueless about what to write on my website – whether I should blog something I like or something my targeted audience would enjoy reading. I shared my website to some of my closest friends and ask for their feedback. They were pretty surprised about the content I wrote, as they think it is different from the real me. I am not a very talkative nor extroverted person in real life, I tend to keep thoughts in my mind. However, when my friends read through my blog posts, they think my online self is more open and let my guard down, to invite audiences into my real life.

As they read through my posts, they notice several grammatical mistakes and typos. So this is something I should work on in my future blog posts, I will proofread and check it with Grammarly before publishing.

I am glad that my friends look forward to reading more of my blog posts. I think I will keep this blog running even when I return to Hong Kong. I am currently working on adding Google AdSense in my blog and will continue to create more photo albums to share my photography work with all of you.

Thank you for your support!

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