Process Post 8: Copy this? Copy that?

Copyright is an interesting topic to me and is something I would like to dig deeper. Some people use the grey area of copyrights and call their “new” work derivative work or recreation. To avoid such a problem, I only use my own images for my website.

As I own copyrights for all my images, I am concerned about people “stealing” my work without my consents. I have thought about adding watermarks in all my photos, but it would be too time-consuming. I haven’t had people stealing my work yet, but I had encountered something similar before, and I found it a little bit offending.

I don’t mind taking photos for acquaintances, but when they post it on social media, I would really appreciate if they can include photo credits in their caption. I have had people posting portraits that I took for them without acknowledging it’s my work. To me, it feels like they take it for granted, but for a photographer (even if I’m not a professional), it is a kind of respect you show to the photographer who actually spent time and effort to make you look pretty in a photograph. It is just like citing your source in the reference page when you are writing an essay.

To all of you who are reading this, I hope you will start developing a habit of giving photo credits to the photographer / creator. It may just take you several seconds, but it means a lot to the photographer / creator!

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