Peer Review 1: W.O.W.

This week, I had the pleasure to visit Waverley’s new blog. 

World of Waves is filled with positivity and trendy outfit ideas. The photos were what caught my attention when I first entered Waverley’s blog. Waverley has a positive vibe and you can feel it through her content and the smiles on her photos. I like that Waverley always starts her posts with “Hello friends!” and ends with blessings to her readers, which makes them like one-to-one conversations. They are very engaging and feels like I am close to her, even though I don’t really know her in person. I think this is a good way to interact and bring her readers closer to her life and style. 

I think Waverley is clear about who she is online, I could feel the positive vibe and enthusiasm just by reading her posts. This reminds me of the reading material that we discussed in class last week about the disinhibition effect. Some people may conceal their true self online but some people are being more like their true self in cyberspace. But either way, I hope Waverley can use her blog to spread the positivity and joy to more people out there!

Waverley's vision board

I like that the colour tones of Waverley’s blog, Instagram and Pinterest page are consistent – mostly warm tones and pastel colours, which look very organised. The clean and minimalistic design of the interface makes it comfortable to look at. This also makes the visual content of her blog stands out and more intriguing. I think Waverley is very detail-oriented. The background Waverley has chosen for her blog is simple but not dull, she picked water reflection which echoes with the blog’s name/theme. The grid layout is a suitable choice for Waverley’s blog which focuses on style and fashion, as each post feature an attractive photo. The space between each post is reasonable so they won’t look so packed together. Generally speaking, Waverley’s blog is clean and well organised. 

Waverley’s blog is quite user-friendly in general. The tags at the bottom of the page would make readers want to click on it and brings us to other posts. She has also clearly categorised her posts into Fashion, Inspire, Lifestyle and Posiel, and labelled them right above the heading of each post. This gives a general idea to readers about what this post is going to be about. There are two categories and three small icons at the bottom of the sidebar, it is accessible and easy to navigate. However, I would suggest listing out all the categories on the sidebar instead of just two so it would be more convenient for readers to search for a particular type of posts. 

I enjoy reading Waverley’s posts but there are a couple of things she could work on to make her blog stand out and more reader-friendly. The beautiful photos that she has on her blog make people want to click on her Instagram and Pinterest profile to check out more posts, however, it would be more convenient to include the hyperlinks instead of the full URL so we wouldn’t have to manually copy and paste the link to our browser. Also for the contact info, Waverley probably forgot to replace the sample email with her own email, make sure to get it fixed so you can always keep in touch with your readers! 

I had a great time surfing through the World of Waves. Can’t wait to see how your blog will progress throughout the semester! 

Check out her Instagram and Pinterest! You wouldn’t want to miss it! 

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  1. Thank you so much for the feedback and warming comments Lily! I really appreciate how you provided me with constructive suggestions that can make my blog much more refined and accessible to my audience. Love your blog by the way! Keep on the lookout for my new additions to the blog soon!



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