Mini Assignment 4 – Remix something!

I ran out of ideas for assignment 4 so I thought I would create a remix that best summarises my mood at week 9! I’m sure you all feel me.

I think remix can be anything in different context, medium and create new interpretations and meanings. I chose to do a remix using two photographs I took. The background photo was taken in a bookstore in Shanghai last summer, the zoned-out man is actually a photo of an exhibit at National Gallery of Canada (I cannot find the name of the exhibit, unfortunately). It is my first time to cut out an image and place it into a new background using Photoshop. It’s not perfect, but I tried.

I am sure you all can relate to this zoned-out person in my remix in week 9. You received your mid-term result which may be lower than what you’ve expected, stressing out about the assignments that are piling up and exams that are around the corner… Your brain is filled with theories and formula that you’ve learned (probably will forget them all when the semester is finished)… Lack of motivation to do anything and always zoned out in class, thinking what to get for lunch, planning summer trips, thinking about where buy to groceries today and etc., just anything but school.

But hang in there, give yourself a break and don’t push yourself too hard! Semester break is almost there! Go for a walk and get some inspiration when you’re stuck about what to write for your weekly process post and blog post!

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