Mini Assignment 5

I used Canva to create this infographic. It is a very useful website that allows you to create posters, leaflets, infographics, Facebook posts and many other formats. Users do not have to design from scratch, we can use existing templates, elements, photos and graphics from the website to create your work. I did not use a theme to create my infographic as none of those matches what I want in mind, so I created my infographic by customising the graphics and texts.

I tried to match the top of my infographic with my blog header, so I added “A Hong Kong girl on an adventure” and uses six footsteps to represent the 6 months (roughly) of my exchange in SFU. I also used stripes as the background of the title to echo with my blog’s name – lily in stripes. You may have also noticed that I used two filmstrips to substitute the “i” in my name. I want to demonstrate my passion for photography and hints to readers that my blog features photography work.

The infographic includes a brief self-introduction, including the languages I speak and my education. Since my blog surrounds travel and photography content, I wanted to include the places that I have visited in the past couple of months / will be visiting after my semester ends. The bottom part gives readers an overview of my blog content.

Hope this infographic is useful in helping you to know more about my online self!

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