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Top of my bucket list checked!

Aurora in Cantonese: 北[bak1] 極[gik6] 光[gwong1]

During the reading break, I went to Yellowknife with my friend for a 3-night aurora viewing tour. We also had dogsledding and snowmobile tours, it was soooooo fun!

My flight was supposed to arrive at midnight but thanks to the snow in Vancouver, my flight was delayed for three hours. I’m sorry that the tour guide had to wait for me at the airport for pick up until 3am. I slept at around 5 in the morning after settling everything. I had a terrible sleep. The walls were thin, I could basically hear every word people say next door or in the corridor. But other than that, the whole trip is pretty memorable!

To be frank, it was different from what I expected. I thought the whole sky would turn green or bluish when we see the Aurora, but it is just like an ordinary white cloud when we view it with our bare eyes. Therefore, I always have to rely on my camera’s viewfinder to see if it’s actually the Aurora or is it just the cloud.

We were lucky that we saw the Aurora every night! We also saw the dancing Aurora on the second night which is utterly mesmerising!

It is actually very difficult to take photos in an extreme weather like this so here’s some reminders if you ever go to places like this:

  1. It is hard to avoid handshake as it requires a very low shutter speed to take picture of the Aurora (using a tripod doesn’t help that much, but it’s better than not using any)
  2. It is hard to adjust your camera settings when you wear thick gloves. So take off your gloves and adjust it asap before your fingers turn numb!
  3. Never touch the tripod or metal when you’re not wearing gloves, it is so cold that it hurts (feels like when the popsicle sticks onto your tongue and you feel like your skin is about to be peeled off)
  4. Always bring extra battery for your camera, they exhaust faster than you!

I hope everyone have had an enjoyable reading break!

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