Hello in Cantonese: 你 [Nei2]好 [Ho2]

I am Lily, a girl from Hong Kong who is obsessed with stripes! I am a year 3 exchange student from Chinese University of Hong Kong, major in Journalism and Communications. This is my first time leaving my family for such a long time, but I am excited in all the new experiences and challenges ahead!  Born and raised in a pea-sized city which is 10,241km away from Vancouver, many people probably don’t know much about Hong Kong besides Dim Sum and Jacky Chan. Therefore I am going to post photos I took in Hong Kong to reveal the hidden gems in the city. I will also be posting photos in Canada to document my exchange journey.  Fun fact: most people in Hong Kong are trilingual (Yes, we can speak in Cantonese, English and Putonghua). So, I will start every blog post with a Chinese keyword and its Cantonese pronunciation. Hope this will make life easier for people hoping to visit Hong Kong in the future.