Process Post 7: Swipe and Slide!

The peer reviews are great experiences of learning from others, my fellow peers’ creativity has always inspired me at different levels. Last week, I was peer reviewed by the book lover Julianna, who owns an extraordinary book review blog. I’m glad she likes my blog and gives me constructive feedback to make it better and more user-friendly.

Julianna suggested me to space out the photos a bit more or format them into a gallery. I tried testing these two options, it looks fine on the desktop version, but when I view the photos in a smartphone or tablet, it takes forever to scroll down to the bottom. It is not very user-friendly. So, instead of adjusting the spacing and formatting, I’ve installed a new plugin called MetaSlider, it is an SEO-optimised slideshow plugin. It is a handy tool for blogs like mine which features full-size / large-size photos. The good things about this plugin are that it doesn’t compress my images into lower resolutions nor slows the website down when it’s loading the photos. It also saves a lot of space and can surprise the audiences of what photo is going to appear next, instead of laying it all out.

I will continue using these plugin for my future blog posts when it features a lot of photos. It’s a great tool for all the photo-based blogs!

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